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Shipping & Returns

• Order Insurance is available and is your only recourse through THE ARTISAN ERA for loss or damage during transit. While shipping carriers are reliable 99% of the time, orders can and do occasionally disappear completely or sustain serious damage while in transit. This is just a reality of buying anything online and one we cannot take responsibility in the event that occurs. By purchasing our Order Insurance you'll be protected in such situations, since many carriers, particularly the USPS, will not help you (or us) at all.

The Insurance Terms are here. If bad luck does strike, you can rest assured knowing we will take care of you. 

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to replace lost or damaged orders without this purchase. 

As long as your order remains unshipped, even if you already finished checkout, you can still add Order Insurance. Once your package leaves our office it is then too late to purchase the insurance. 

• All sales are and will be considered a “FINAL SALE” and returns will only be accepted in the case of defective products or miss-shipped items. 

• Please be sure to provide the COMPLETE address. Leaving out an Apartment, Suite or Floor number will likely result in the post office returning the package to our office. In that case, you would need to repay the shipping cost again, plus any associated cost we are charged by the post office for the return postage on your package. This is easily avoided by providing complete and total address information. 

• A shipping notification will be emailed to you upon shipment of your order. All items are shipped in brand new condition, safely and securely. Once the order is shipped THE ARTISAN ERA will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred in transit to your package unless you have purchased Order Insurance. By ordering from this site you agree to these terms. 

• Upon shipping, it can take a minimum of 24-48 hours for the tracking to show any information, especially overseas packages. 

•Vinyl records are kept cool here, however, in transit during the hot summer, records can sometimes warp. Often this is fairly insignificant and does not affect play. This is typically a rare occasion and can’t be controlled by us once it leaves our office. Please take this into account when purchasing vinyl records through the mail. And insure your order to protect against such events. 

• We DO NOT hold or reserve items for purchase at a later time with no exceptions. If you buy something now and want us to hold it to ship at a later date, that we can do. 

• If you have made an order in our store that has not yet shipped and you would like to add something to your order, please place a NEW ORDER and then we will combine the two orders into one package. You will be refunded the difference in shipping. We will NOT combine a new order with a pending pre-order unless specifically contacted by you to do so. 

• For questions regarding orders, products, shipping, etc email [merch] @ [theartisanerastore.com].